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The Information Center Updates

Thanks to the City Crew, the old information sign & kiosk have been removed!  We now have a clean slate to work with… next, what should we do with this great little piece of property as you enter Ortonville’s downtown?

The property is owned by the Ortonville EDA, the Big Stone Lake Area Chamber has always kept the information up-to-date in the kiosk; the Ortonville Kiwanis have trimmed bushes when needed and decorated the property for Christmas (and more!) as one of their community projects;  Craig Randleman tended to the clock that was above the kiosk; a group of ladies (Downtown Renovation Committee -DRC) – Wanda Berry, Rachel Davis, Khadija, Trish Kramer and Becky Parker dug out and planted new flower beds — a little extra shout out to Wanda Berry who continued to check in and pull weeds when needed  not only at this location but also the triangle across from Artie’s Bait & Tackle/Subway area throughout the year;  and the City Crew kept the grass mowed.  How is that for community support!?

Thanks to some great feedback on Facebook – Lee Kanten snapped a few pictures just as the City Crew completed the demo and that is all it took to get quite a list of ideas which we included in our discussion at the EDA meeting yesterday afternoon.  After discussing the suggestions, the EDA Board is now looking into the cost to build a glass enclosure for the Corn Cooker that is used every year during Cornfest and to also have a mural painted on the walls highlighting the history of Cornfest.

Nicole DeBoers (SMAC) meeting with the Big Stone Arts Council

And with an added “great timing”, there was a Big Stone Arts Council meeting at 6:30 last night – with Nicole DeBoers who is the Executive Director of the Southwest Minnesota Arts Council (SMAC)!   DeBoers provided an overview of the services and fundings that SMAC provides – to note, SMAC has provided $60,357 in grants to Big Stone County over the past four years – wow!  The mural project would be eligible to apply for a 20% match grant through SMAC.

The Arts Council will take some time to discuss and plan for possibilities for a mural in this space.  We will look at giving a fresh coat of paint for the retaining walls; however, an enclosure and mural will not be in place before Cornfest (just in case you were wondering…  🙂 )

We will keep you posted on the progress of the project!   …and today I am meeting with the Big Stone Lake Area Chamber regarding a digital sign for “their” corner as you come into Ortonville (thanks to Jay Ross of the Ortonville School Board for his work in  finding a way to renew the hopes of this project!)


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