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Northridge Building – Review & Plans

With the expansion of Fairway View which left the Northridge building vacant, the Ortonville EDA offered to facilitate a process to review options for this building.

History of the senior housing project which left Northridge vacant.
The Ortonville EDA built the original Fairway View complex (12 independent, 16 assisted living & 6 memory care units) in 2004.
OAHS expanded the complex which opened in 2017  – 34 catered living units with an additional 51-bed skilled (nursing home) complex consisting of 3 pod or home-styled sections.

The Northridge Building Review Process.
A Committee was formed:  Gene Hausauer, Kim Sykora, Ashley Berger, David Rogers, Kevin Benson, Becky Parker, Scott Simonitch, Jason Mork, Char Grossman and Vicki Oakes

The Committee engaged Hasslen Construction and an Architect (paid for by the City and OAHS) to review all of the City buildings/spaces to provide an estimated budget of the property needs over the next few years and to review the Northridge building for structural needs and the costs to upgrade the building to accommodate the City departments.

The Committee’s goal was to gather detailed information and to make a recommendation on the Northridge building’s use to the City Council.

Link to the Study provided by Hasslen Construction

Link to the Committee’s recommendation

Link to all of the information that the Committee Reviewed

As with any project of this size, there are so many variables to consider.   And, as is the case many times when a process extends over a period of time, other variables arise to be considered.  OAHS has identified some uses for part of the building during the process – and the City Council has decided that the building would be best left to OAHS for their uses.  

The Committee gathered and provided solid information through the work of Hasslen Construction and Rice Stromgren Architects to which the City Council reviewed, held an on-site workshop and then held their final discussion at this week’s City Council meeting.   It was great to see this orderly process through a team effort come to a decision with closure – and now we are moving on… together.

Below is a photo of the newly expanded Fairway View Communities by Ortonville Area Health Services – located on our beautiful 18-hole municipal golf course.  This photo is just one reminder of our investment and accomplishments, here in Ortonville!





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