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Ortonville High School Trap Team

The Ortonville High School Trap Team is comprised of students in grades 6 – 12 that compete weekly in Trap Shooting competitions as part of the MSHSCTL (Minnesota State High School Clay Target League).  This sport is strictly sponsored by the students, families, and local community partners.  They receive no financial support from the school district, however, the school district does acknowledge the program as a varsity sport with potential to earn a letter.

They had an opportunity to build a new shooting range and clubhouse just outside of Ortonville and they have been raising funds – a huge shout out to the sponsors that have already contributed so much!!  If you’d like to help with a sponsorship, please see the attachments –

Fundraiser Letter & Fundraiser Ad (these were posted at the start of the fundraising efforts)

Thank you to the Sponsors that have already contributed to this project!  Such awesome community support!  (On your computer?  hit the full-screen icon on the bottom right of the video!)

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