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What a Great Idea!

As we are rolling into a busy shopping season, I was thinking about the loyalty of our businesses – they are always the ones that we go to first for fundraiser donations whether it is for our kids, school extracurricular needs, or for a family in need.  They host great summer downtown main street events and we are now fast approaching their Harvest Madness event (best trick or treating around!)  … and I was wondering how we could help put out the “shop local” call with a friendly reminder.  However, KDIO and the Ortonville Independent were way ahead of me!   The really cool part of this is that our two (competing!) local media options have come together with an advertising package that gives a well-rounded approach to advertising – and the “ask” is PERFECT:  Please Check Local First.  Thank you.  Our businesses know that you may not be able to find everything on your list; however, they do all really appreciate the opportunity to be checked first.  A way cool idea, KDIO & Ortonville Independent.  #WorkingTogether  #LoveWhereYouLive

I believe they will be out next week presenting this advertising opportunity to our businesses and I hope as we see and hear the “Check Local 1st” advertisements we are reminded to not only check here at home first – but remember how awesome our businesses are all year ’round!



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