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A Letter of Gratitude for Ortonville Area Health Services

While reading the Ortonville Independent, I came across a Letter to the Editor from one of my classmates, Brent Gerber.  His family was also neighbors for many years while growing up.  I have not seen Brent in quite some time – I did, however, see his dad, Verden, recently at Fairway View.   I remembered thinking how awesome it was to see Verden join in with the Miltones while they were holding one of their practice sessions at Fairway View.  Verden has been in the Miltones for many years so it was great to see that they planned a practice here in hopes that Verden would feel up to joining them – and how awesome it was to live in this community, the City of Ortonville.  It took reading Brent’s letter to remind me there is so much more to be thankful for!

I contacted Brent and asked if I could share his letter (below)
I’d like to also start by sharing his email reply:

The gratitude I expressed in this letter hardly covers how grateful we are for the care that my dad has received since returning to Ortonville from Rochester.  Things seemed pretty dark then and while he struggles—he is living his life thanks in large part to the care he’s receiving in Ortonville.  And as I researched other options in the area—I am SOO grateful that he was able to get into the system in Ortonville.

The Letter:

I would like to congratulate the city of Ortonville on the decisions it has made in providing first-rate health care facilities and services to citizens of this region.  This summer, my father has been under the care of facilities throughout the region and throughout all aspects of the care facilities here in Ortonville.

We have experienced the care of regional facilities like Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls and St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester.  And upon his return home, we have needed to research and tour area facilities to determine the most appropriate care for Dad.  Truth is, the care he has received at the facilities here in Ortonville is on par with anywhere.

One of the nicest rooms my dad has been in throughout his illness was at the Ortonville Hospital.  The multi-care options at the Fairway View facility are just amazing.  The caring environment and warm and friendly atmosphere are so appreciated by the residents and their families.  The physical therapy facilities, the clinic, the activities center—just every part of the facilities here in Ortonville are impressive.

And of course, it isn’t just the facilities.  From physicians to registrars, administrators to maintenance folks, food servers, nurses, activities directors, home health, PT—everyone—these people are just amazing.  It is quite comforting to our family (as I’m sure it is to many other families) to know that you all are there to care for our family members.  The staff here has been able to work with my dad to create some hope for his life when many of the “experts” elsewhere didn’t think that was possible.  We are so grateful for all of you.

The wisdom that the Ortonville area community has shown in investing in the Foundation, the facilities here in the region and in health-care in general certainly demonstrates that this is a great place to live, work and retire.  I believe it secures the future of the community for years to come.

Thank you and congratulations!

Brent Gerber
Detroit Lakes, MN


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