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Trojan Takeout – Thank you for your Work!

Congratulations & thank you to the local volunteers who organized in the beginning and who also continue to manage the Trojan Takeout Progam (and to those who volunteer their time to pack the food!)

The Trojan Takeout Program  received mention in Southwest Initiative Foundation’s President and CEO, Diana Anderson, summary of the recent Grow Our Own summit:  “Folks in Ortonville went back to their community after the 2016 Summit and launched a weekend backpack food program to ensure kids weren’t going hungry at home.” 

LINK to Diana Anderson summary of the event

For more information on the Grow Our Own initiative, check out the Foundations website post LINK:  Grow Our Own Summit Details

Those in attendance from Ortonville at this year’s summit were:  Becky Parker, Nancie Haukos and Kari Dorry.

Thank you to the three that got it started – persistent & dedicated!

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