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Big Stone Health Care Foundation Event

I was unable to make this event; however, I sent my camera and asked Vanessa Lhotka-Meyer (Big Stone Health Care Foundation’s Director) for some highlights from the event and she provided all of the information below.  So… that certainly helped complete this blog post!

I would like to introduce our speaker today, Dr. Stacy Longnecker. Stacey and her husband Isaiah chose to return to Ortonville because of a love for the community, rural setting and trust she found in the partners as she began her practice back in 2008. In that time, Stacey has built her practice specifically her OB practice; this has been invaluable to the area and success of Ortonville Area Health Services. Stacey is a leader and is admired by her coworkers and staff for compassion and dedication. Her patients and staff know that Stacey shares in their own personal journeys and becomes invested in each life she touches. Her staff describes her as an inspiration who possess amazing strength, knowledge, and faith.
Please help me welcome Dr. Stacy Longnecker.

This is the 2nd year of partnering with Linda and her staff on the Annual Style Show. Each year I have learned from Linda and her unique brand of class and style–I have modeled much of my interaction with other partners throughout the year based on this collaboration. She and her staff make her business a success because of their genuine, personal and detailed orientated customer service, but more than anything there is a kind and generous spirit that emanates in all they do both as a business and as people. I have seen firsthand this spirit and belief in giving back and supporting the community as many of you have as well I’m sure. We Thank Linda for lending her unique brand to the Foundation today. Please join me in welcoming Linda Burri as she presents “Fashion Wonderland”.

Videos below:  1) Casual/Dressy  2) Formal
(The videos do not include all that was presented)

Linda’s: Doug, Bridget, models. Thank you for your time, efforts and for being so amazing to work with! These model have all taken time from their lives to go to fittings and be here today and we appreciate you ladies.

Theresa & BS Legion: thank you for amazing food, beautiful location and your dedication.

Judy Fuller for entertainment—this has been lovely and perfect!

Donors: Lewis Drug, Carlson Drug, Cutting Edge Engraving, Nancy Nolop and her beautiful window paintings, Amber Molden

Volunteers: Gene Hausauer, Mike Rausch, Roman Taffe, Russ Minehan, Damian Coyour, Craig Randelmann, Jim Foster, Garry Swenson, Chris Batchelor, Dave Rogers
These guys are donating their own time (all on their own free will!). They did a great job and behaved! Thank you men

Decorating: Ethel Swenson, Marilyn Hanson, Nancy Nolop: There are no words to describe the time, commitment and talent these women have! Stunning and everything they promised me!

All of you—thank you! Whether you donate, volunteer or stuff envelopes: You are the people who make this Foundation Thrive and OAHS a success. You are the backbone and the heart of our community. Thank you for being here.

Nicole Wood/Deb Barnhardt – This is my support staff, who have offer solutions, input, ideas and answers at every step. I thank you, ladies, for always being positive and helping the Foundation move in forward motion!

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