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Fishing & Big Stone Lake December 2018

I will start with the Sturgeon.  They were released in Big Stone Lake 4 years ago.  Check out the video below from the release & then below the video you’ll find a photo shared from a catch (and release) this winter.  They are growing very nicely!

As for the Walleyes, we’ve had fresh catch for dinners at our house… my husband was ice fishing before church yesterday, pheasant hunting in the afternoon and back out on the ice for the early evening bite – It’s a wonderful life he has!  Unfortunately, I cannot give more details.  Hopefully, in January (when my husband gets the camper/Ice Castle out on the Lake) I’ll get video of a few nice Walleye coming up – although I will likely not be able to provide GPS coordinates to our location!  The secrecy by the locals – well, that is why I provide a Link to Artie’s Bait and Tackle below – they are your best bet for local tips!


Artie’s Bait & Tackle is the perfect stop before heading out on the lake – pick up your supplies, a lake map, and some up-to-date fishing tips!

Check out the Chamber Website for Lodging options!  Besides the local hotels, we have some great short-term rentals on Big Stone Lake with excellent access to ice fishing and those that are in town with great access to dining & beverages… you’re really never far from the Lake, here in Ortonville.

And… we’ve compiled a few great links for those in town for Christmas (or fishing!)
LINK:  Home for Christmas Connection

Hope you enjoy your time in Ortonville!

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