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The Ortonville EDA has Moved Downtown!

I am excited to be located downtown in our main business district! When I say I’ve moved, I mean all the heavy office furniture/equipment has arrived (thanks to the City Crew!), I have a phone and internet. Other office details will be coming along over the next week or so.  (EDA Information is located on the City’s website)

Now that I’m here, it is time to schedule the first social media lunch (monthly event).  From the survey sent out, it appears that noon on Wednesdays works the best.  So, the meetings will be scheduled as follows:

The first Wednesday of the Month
Time:  Noon to 1:00
A casual gathering & bring your own lunch
If you are unable to make it but would like to sit in over the phone – or maybe a video option, we can make arrangements!

February 6th – First Meeting
Topic:  How to engage in social media to promote each other & the area
The discussion will center on connecting with the Ortonville EDA, MNbump (some new changes there!), and the BSLA Chamber (and each other!).  Beyond promoting your business, I will be looking for discussion and input on how the Ortonville EDA & MNbump can provide special links or information that would be helpful when you are advertising/searching for a new employee.  Ways we can help with your search & promote our assets to encourage job seekers to check out this area of the state.

I will be sending out more information as we get closer to the 6th! If you have not completed the survey and would like to receive email notifications of these monthly meetings, please share your name & email address on the form below (it may even be filled out for you already – in that case, just hit SUBMIT!)

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