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Water Tower Art/Design Contest

The City of Ortonville will be working on the water tower this summer which will end with new paint.  Rather than painting Ortonville in block letters on two sides, they are open to suggestions for a design change.

The Ortonville EDA is offering a Water Tower Art/Design Contest!

The winning design will receive $700.00 with an additional $300.00 to be donated to an Ortonville organization of your choice (i.e. Early childhood Initiative, 4-H, Food Shelf, etc.)

  • We are looking for a simple design that can be easily read or understood from a distance.
  • The design will be selected based on quality, technical feasibility, and relevance to Ortonville (best way to brand Ortonville for passers-by – i.e. Lake, golf, fish, or ??)
  • The design must be an original and unpublished – submitted as a drawing or print form on a standard sheet of paper (letter or legal size)
  • Understanding that the design selected will be reproduced and the end result may not be identical to the design drawing that you submitted.

UPDATE 1/23/19:  Due to questions coming in, please note that there is no limit to the number of submissions that you can make to this contest!

Contest Deadline (is fast!):  February 11th by 3:00 p.m.
Deliver to the Ortonville EDA Office at 44 Second Street (Lower level of the Community Center)

For questions, please call Vicki at 320-839-6155


  1. Doris scheff says

    would love to see a person fishing to support big stone lake,or a walleye we also have a great golf course maybe a golf club with a 18 hole flag

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