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Water Tower Design: There are TWO Winners!

Congratulations to David Rausch as the Water Tower Design winner! (design pictured below)

David will receive $700.00 for his design and he has asked that the seperate $300.00 portion of the contest that was available for an Ortonville based non-profit of his choice go to the Big Stone Area Emergency Food Shelf.

David Rausch

David works here locally at Rausch Granite Monuments  (On a side note if you are not familiar with this local business, you should check out their website and read the History page – a great family business story.  For those that have lived in the area awhile, we associate the family name with strong community support and involvement – with the Food Shelf being one that David remembers as being important to his mother)   When he was called to notify him as the winner, the Board had asked if he would be willing (not necessary) to alter the design to include a golf reference along with the bobber – which he did – but as is with most designs that really catch your attention – the original design submitted was the one that took top pick!   David has also been great about providing the design in different digital formats to provide flexibility as the City Engineer sends this artwork out for bid.  Although the variations and digital formats were not a request or requirement for the design submissions and had no bearing on the decision to select his design, the Ortonville EDA thanks him for his willingness to provide the extra alterations!

Aaryn Schaub (Hoye)

There was a surprise alteration to the contest – one of the designs submitted had an awesome tagline included with their artwork that was just too good to let go!  “Relax, you’re here…”  So, the EDA Board added $300.00 to the project and asked Aaryn Schaub if she’d be willing to let the City use her tagline with another design.  She said, “Of course!”  Aaryn has asked to donate $150.00 of the $300 to the local humane society – which is the Big Stone County Animal Rescue  (the $300.00 did not come with a stipulation to donate any portion – she volunteered this gift)

Many of you will remember Aaryn best by her maiden name Hoye.  I remember her as a young girl with an impressive memory!  Her parents owned Mallard Point formerly Foster Lodge supper club on Big Stone Lake.  She would come to the table – take everyone’s order without writing it down at the table, rattle off the desserts available that night from memory and remember regular customers by their names with ease!

Congratulations to both David and Aaryn – and a huge thank you to everyone that submitted a design!  It was really amazing to look at all the designs submitted (101) and to have so many people take the time and use their talent to assist in the project!   Your time was truly appreciated by the City!

Original Design with the Tagline included

The City and Engineer are currently discussing the color for the Water Tower.


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