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O.M.G. Opens, Take a Look at Gorgeous Upgrades at the Hotel, and more!

After a long snow-filled winter, this spring has sure started with some great upgrades in Ortonville!

First, I stopped over at O.M.G. (Ortonville Mercantile & Gallery) – it is just across the street from my office and I’ve been watching them work on getting ready for a bit now.  So, when Mary Hillman of the Big Stone Lake Area Chamber told me they were now open… I headed over for a look!  Check out the photos below – and make a plan to stop in – Downtown Ortonville right across the street from the newly renovated building of  Ortonville Family Eyecare!  

Now… check out the work that has been completed so far at Idle Spurs Inn (formerly Vali Vu Motel) – WOW!  I talked with Brandy yesterday about the work that they’ve been doing since purchasing the property in October.  She is concerned about the look of the exterior at this point – but when you’re doing as much work as they are, there is bound to be parts done before others!  The photos will give a glimpse of the interior work that is being done… more pictures will come as things are completed but I was pretty sure you’d like a peek at the quality rooms that will be available in Ortonville soon!  (call to check – they do have 4 rooms completed; however, at picture time, they were being rented so I was limited on photos I could share.)

Call them at 320-839-2558 to reserve your room!

And a quick check in on a few things that I took in over the weekend…

KDIO Personality (and boy doesn’t she have one! ha) – Julie French turned 50!  For her birthday, there was food, cupcakes – music by Lee Kanten and his brother – and fun time gathering and visiting!

Happy Birthday, Julie – truly loved by the area!!  🙂







Then an awesome idea by Krista Hartman… It was a hotdish fundraiser for the Dream Team and their Special Olympics travels.  It was a hit!  23 hotdishes were submitted and crowds of people stopping in to vote on their favorite hotdish!

But first… Dan Kafka, who made one of the hot dishes (#10) – was bribing our new County Sheriff, Mark Brown, to vote for #10!  ha ha… of course Mark did not fall for it – and the money was fake!  Nice try Dan!

And, I went to Milbank for the Milltones’ event  on Saturday night!  That was great fun!

If you wonder how our businesses support area activities… take a look at this list supporting the Milltones!  (We have the most supportive business community within our area!)






















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