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It really is fun to see so much happening here in Ortonville – I was going to (and will later today) write a post to update the latest… just hoping for a “go ahead” on a downtown project that I’ve been held to secrecy on for so long that it is starting to almost burst anyway…  AND, I was already thinking how awesome our business folks are here in Ortonville and throughout Big Stone County – when Kandi at the Ortonville Flower Shop stopped by with a beautiful bouquet of my FAVORITE flowers  (Gerbs! – another great thing about living in this community… the Flower Shop knowing what it is that you enjoy – like when I’m in a family group sending flowers for a funeral or such, I’ll always notice that there is a Gerber Daisy within the bouquet when she knows I was part of the order… that is the warmth I so enjoy living here!)

So… here are the flowers I received this morning from our new developers in town  – sitting right next to a beautiful plant that I received for my new office from a couple of other business people in town a couple of weeks ago – and last night I was enjoying a cup of coffee in my “Chicken Whisperer” mug that I received from another couple who have two different businesses in town (she finds it hilarious that I love chickens and offer to take care of the chickens for a couple when they head out of town for a couple of days.)  Yes, in a smaller community we just know things about each other – and I love that!

I certainly did not expect (or deserve) these wonderful gifts – as I sit here at a beautiful desk that was donated by Frandsen Bank & Trust in Clintondonated just because they knew we needed one for the new office location and thought the Ortonville EDA was a “worthy cause”  – I write this this morning to help paint the picture of living rural.  A place of warmth and connection.  (Of course, we do have our moments when we are passionate about a cause(s)… but in the end, we are friends and family)  #LoveWhereYouLive #MNbumpOrtonville

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