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New Dental Office, Northridge Building, Idle Spurs Inn, Pickleball and more!

A few quick community updates.

Northridge Building.  The new owners, Roop Brar & Swachetan Bajwa, have requested quotes for the apartment project materials.  Once the quotes have been reviewed and materials ordered, their contractor will begin work.  They are currently looking to start the rehab project in September.  They will be providing highlights on the progress of their construction – so we will keep you posted!  In the meantime, if you think that you may be interested in renting and would like to be kept on a notification list, you can complete a short form – CLICK HERE FOR FORM

The new dental facility is coming along nicely!

No updates on the date they plan to open… just a quick picture to see the work that continues!

Idle Spurs Inn – updates coming along beautifully!

Idle Spurs Inn… if you have not checked out their Facebook Page to see this amazing transformation, please do now!  Brandy has awesome taste in decorating.  The updates are thorough and expansive.  Link to Idle Spurs Inn Facebook Page

O.M.G. Ortonville Mercantile and Gallery

And, you’ve likely checked out our new awesome retail store – O.M.G. – but they have now purchased the old Independent Building, connected the buildings and soon we will have O.M.G. – Ortonville Mystery Games (escape rooms).  Greg Lockwood has been very busy preparing the new building – well, I’m sure Sue has been doing a few things too I just have not seen her over there working.  🙂  I’m pretty excited about their new expansion – hoping they have one room done before the Bike MS 2-day stopover in July.  A fun addition to Ortonville’s Main Street!

Coming soon an upgraded & expanded Pickleball court!

Don Sherman attended the last Ortonville EDA meeting and presented plans for what he hoped to be the future of the Pickleball Courts.  They currently play in a portion of the school’s Athletic Field.  This is quite the growing sport – for all ages – and the space they are using is in great need of upgrading with no alternative places for them to play.  The Ortonville EDA did approve $7,000 for Phase I of the project – which will provide many of the updates need and expanding the court to 4 courts.  However, Don and Becky Parker (President of the Ortonville EDA) will be attending a School Board meeting to discuss details and approvals for the upgrades and continued use of the space.  Work in progress!

We will be using as the landing page on the City website for those traveling to Ortonville on the Bike MS trip.

Bike MS will be in coming through Ortonville and staying for two days!  July 23rd and July 24th.  We will have about 450 people in town for the Bike MS ride.  The Chamber has asked the Ortonville EDA to be in charge of the Information Booth (of course I immediately reached out to a great partner – Ginger Athey!)  The City of Ortonville Website will now have a landing page for Bike MS and as we go into the future will be the landing page for other events and groups that will be coming through town.  We thought would make a great Welcome page for such activities.  We can provide information and links that pertain to the event in particular and share some points of interest and new “check it out” places.  You can check out the page – it is currently a work in progress but hope to have complete early next week so that we can start sharing the link to the riders so they can plan the places they want to check out while they are in town! 

As locals, I hope you’ll check out the link now and as we have new events and change the page – share it with friends and family (well, don’t start sharing it until next week – I’m not quite ready for everyone to see it yet!) and PLEASE, if you have a suggestion for this “Community event welcome page” let me know! or 320-839-6155.  We want to look our best!  🙂

As some of you know, we’ve been having a Social Media Lunch once a month for a few months now.  A casual lunch to share tips and discuss social media – well, I want to give a quick shout out to Jill Dale of Cenbank for her input and discussion on this month’s topic.  I will be implementing some things that will help with online connections with our local businesses – details will be coming soon.  In the meantime… check out this video from Cenbank – fun!  🙂

I’m sure you still have time to sign-up for the Jay Stock Memorial Golf Tournament – details are in the video below…

AND… it has been busy!  Check out the videos below on the three events that we’ve had in town so far this month… Lake Days was just last weekend, the Regional Art Crawl (unfortunately I was not feeling the best and did not make it to all of the artist locations – so much more to see – and so many people in town enjoying the day!),  and the Old Fashioned Picnic!   The videos are only a couple of minutes long and give some highlights from the event.  #LoveWhereYouLive

Oh… and just in case you missed it the Ortonville Kindergarten Graduation.  It’s not just handing out diplomas anymore – it is quite a program!  (I was out of town for this event – and thank my sister Heidi Karels for taking the video)

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