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Updates coming to the Info Kiosk Area

The Ortonville EDA took action to move forward with the first phase of the info Kiosk area on Second Street (main street – oh, how we confuse people on this one!) just north of the Holiday Gas Station.

The photo below was taken last year when the City Crew demolished and removed the corner structure.  (also, thanks to the City Crew for removing some trees earlier in the year and making this area more visible!)  I’ve imposed the new sign in the area to reflect the 24′ x 8′ graphic.  I know – my skills leave a bit for the imagination – but hopefully, this gives you a good idea!

Dan Kafka (of Pro Image Partners) shared a great idea to continue the sign’s theme across the rest of the retaining wall.  Paint the background a blue similar to that in the sign and add clouds periodically across – he thought maybe the EDA should talk to the Arts Council about some help with that – GREAT IDEA! (heads up Big Stone Arts Council!) — we can then utilize 5 to 6 of the 4’x4′ panelboards in various locations along the retaining wall with information call-outs — that can easily be replaced for special events/occasions and returned to the original once they were over.

As for the flower areas and some sprucing of the area… we have Wanda Berry!  Wanda has been one of our awesome volunteers who has tended so many of the various flower garden areas around Ortonville – whenever she sees one that could use a little help.  The EDA has approved funds for the purchase of the plants and Wanda has agreed to draw up a plan for the lot and then she and a few of her volunteer friends will plant and complete the new facelift to this corner.  I’ll certainly update the blog with volunteer photos as this phase moves forward!   Also, the Big Stone Lake Area Chamber has agreed to set a couple of their new white benches in this kiosk area when they are not in use for Chamber events.  (The Chamber had their benches made and purchased from Main Street Industries in Clinton.)

The EDA is excited to incorporate the new “Water Tower Logo” in this corner as the entrance to downtown Ortonville!  The Chamber will also be utilizing this graphic on their billboard as you come into Ortonville from Big Stone City.  You can currently pick up T-Shirts with this graphic from Pro Image Partners and at the Clubhouse Pro Shop area of Off the Green Resturant!

And… a big shout out to the two people who created this new graphic for Ortonville — David Rausch for the graphic design and Aaryn Schaub (Hoye) for the tagline!  This all started with the Mayor, Gene Hausauer, suggesting if there was to be work/upgrades to the water tower we should look at something other than all-caps block letters of “ORTONVILLE”.   Read a bit about the project and the two winners of the contest – LINK HERE.


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