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Northridge Apartment Specs, OHS Homecoming & the 2019 Art’s Meander

It was a busy week for all ages in the Ortonville area!

Many of you have noticed the activity at the Northridge building (I know this because of the number of texts I’ve received!)  Yes, the work has begun – and I can share the Phase I and Phase II apartment layout with you!  Phase I is the complete northern hall/end with Phase II being the apartments along the hallway that runs north and south.   LINK:  Apartment Layout — The contractors have an estimated 60 working days to complete Phase I with Phase II to follow early next summer.  Phase I includes Six 2-bedrooms, two 1-bedrooms and an efficiency apartment.

More details to follow!   — If you are interested in renting and would like more information once the project is complete (or nearing completion) of the first phase, please fill in the no-obligation form.  LINK to FORM

I’m excited to see this project get started – the property will provide some lovely rental options with mature trees, great landscaping and private sheltered picnic area in the back portion – and great location next to parks, swimming pool, and golf course – while maintaining a quiet space.

Homecoming week started with Volleyball on September 30th, Coronation at the School on Tuesday evening with more Volleyball, Cross Country and the Football game after the Friday afternoon parade.  WITH the Upper Minnesota River Art Crawl starting on October 4th and ending Sunday the 6th.  So, downtown Friday afternoon was busy with activities going strong – Parade & Meandering!  Below you’ll find a few highlights from the activities that I attended throughout the week.

Highlights from Homecoming Week

A couple of amazing songs performed during Coronation

My Ortonville & RedBarn Meander Weekend stops +
MNbump Connector Mary Hillman covered Odessa and Connector Janine Teske covered Clinton

And if you missed the article… check out MNbump’s article on US Senator Tina Smith’s visit to Ortonville area health services:  LINK:

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