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Local Author Presentation: Claudia Sellin

Of course, I’ll start out with a picture of the amazing brunch (peach french toast with sausages) that was catered by Crazy Apron Catering.  It was truly as delicious as it looks!

I’m a member of one of our local organizations in Ortonville that gets together once per month (September through May) and enjoys great food, conversation and a presentation by a person or organization from the area.  This month’s presentation was a delightful (and humorous) share by Claudia Sellin on her book “You Can be Anything You Want to Be!  Says Who?”  The video below provides an introduction to the book – then she went on to share various pieces of the book… which were so relatable and hilarious!  I’ve just started the book… and picked up a few copies which will make perfect gifts!  As one of the MNbump bloggers, I find this book to have an extra interest… reading about the life of someone who also grew up in Ortonville (bonus for me:  as a babyboomer), moved away and has now returned to Ortonville – there seems to be so many of those stories lately and I’d love to hear them all!

On a side note, the MNbump website is currently underway with a new section for businesses, organizations, and churches to help connect our residents.  So if you’re looking for an organization to connect with check out this link (updates will be added over the next few weeks):


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