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Presentation: Branding

November’s Social Media lunch was held on November 20th with Kelley Nemitz of 360 Design House, Inc.  We had a number of our “regulars” that could not make it to the presentation that day so Kelley was kind enough to let me videotape so that they were able to view later.  And, since then has ok’d my request to post the video on our website for all of our businesses to view!  The handouts from the presentation are being emailed to those that had registered for the meeting.  Check out the Gallery section (LINK) of her website for examples of her work.

On a side note, it was great to have Jackie Turner of the Southwest Initiative Foundation join us for this Social Media Lunch!  Jackie and the Foundation were instrumental in starting our Social Media Lunch program several years ago.  Things have evolved but the concept is still in place.

This was a great presentation – hope you get a chance to take a look!  I did not include the question and answer portion at the end – which was very interesting; however, there were some questions and discussions that were a bit more personal to a business or two and best left out of this public viewing.  (to be a part of those conversations, you need to join us for lunch!)

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