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Social Media Lunch, January 22nd

The first Wednesday of the month was a busy time – so in reviewing what Wednesday would work better… with the Chamber meetings on the 2nd Wednesday, we’ve moved the new scheduled date for the Social Media Lunch to the third Wednesday of the month.  (However, to note, there will be no meeting in February)  We can discuss the 2020 schedule further at our next meeting to make sure this fits and schedule accordingly.

January’s Topic:  Facebook Event Pages

  • Why are they important
  • How to Create a Facebook Event

A hint on the “why”… there are a few reasons, but one is that your event can be added to the MNbump Event listings for the County.  As of today’s insights, the MNbump Facebook page has reached 8,742 different Facebook users over the past 28 days – but we not only reached them… the stats show that the posts in the last 28 days received 11,728 engagements (which is the number of times people have engaged with our posts in the last 28 days – likes, comments, shares).  So, when we connect your event with our Facebook page, you’ll be reaching more people! … and of course, we’ll discuss the other advantages too.

Reminder:  These are informal lunch meetings where everyone brings their own lunch and drink – and joins in conversation after the initial presentation.

If you missed the last lunch, you missed a good one!  🙂  Video below.


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