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Today is a Big Day in Ortonville!

It has been a long few months for the majority of our small-town businesses – and today, June 10th, marks a day that truly gives a lifeline to many of our hardest-hit establishments.  They are not open to full capacity yet – but this surely helps!  Our Restaurants and bars – while some were able to offer curb side service and delivery it was difficult to cover the expenses – and then they were able to add capacity by utilizing outdoor seating.  While outdoor seating was still very limited to the number of people they could serve, many were excluded from the opportunity due to their location and space and of course the investment that would be required in order to provide that outdoor seating.  BUT, today is a better day.  It was great to drive through our Main Street and see so much activity just before noon today (header photo).  

The best way we can show support for these businesses that have invested so much in our community is to walk through their door and ENJOY!  Today we celebrate all of our businesses in Ortonville and look forward to the day they can expand to full capacity!

Below are a few of our latest businesses that have been able to expand during the latest COVID-19 updated regulations.

And during this time, Hasslen Construction built (investing even more in Ortonville than they already have!) a new storage building – picture below.


Living Rural & Loving it!

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