I’m the website/communications person for the City of Ortonville and Golf Course websites (and Facebook pages) along with staffing the Ortonville Economic Development Authority.  My title:  Community Development Coordinator.  I am also part of the Big Stone County’s MNbump Initiative (Ortonville is one of eight MNbump communities!)

I grew up in Ortonville, moved away (Salt Lake City & Minneapolis/St. Paul area) and returned.  I love to attend community, school, art – you name it – activities in Ortonville and have been given the freedom to blog about the activities that I attend as part of my position to provide a more personal view of life in Ortonville.  How is that for  #LoveWhereYouLive #LoveYourJob hashtag string!  – Hope you enjoy my coverage, from the heart!

Vicki Oakes