Author: Vicki Oakes

Video Highlights: Lots of Basketball this Weekend!

Friday night was Boys JV, Girls Varsity & Boys Varsity vs Underwood Saturday was an Elementary Boys Basketball Tournament All here, home, in Ortonville! All highlight videos will be posted here – over the next day.  I’ll add each as they are ready – so check back if the game you were looking for isn’t up yet. If you’re family and you’d like a link to download a video, please message me on Facebook. First, 5th Grade Boys – there was an end-of-game buzzer basket.  Fun to see! Kuechenmeister stacked a few baskets in a row in the second half of the game Friday night! (Tyson lead in points at 23 – Kuechenmeister at 16 – per Adam of KDIO Radio JV Boys Game 5th Grade Boys Tournament Game 1  

Ortonville Study Club

What an interesting group of ladies to be a part of! I was invited to present as a program last year (to give a community/economic development update) and shortly after asked if I’d like to join. They meet one time per month (summer months off) over lunch – with an interesting program (great for us to always continue learning what is locally around us!), a delicious lunch (Crazy Apron Catering delivers – so of course the food is awesome) and a short meeting. Due to a funeral, we had a very early lunch yesterday – and an awesome program! Melanie Reiners (United Methodist Church Pastor whom I’ve gotten to know over the past couple of years through Julie French’s introduction) Melanie shared photos and information on her travels with her husband, Roger, to Sierra Leone at the Kissy UMC Eye Hospital in Freetown.  Very interesting with such personal connections!  I’ve scanned the brochure that she provided as part of her presentation – so you can read it here (PDF):  Central Global Vision Fund Although I was …

Fishing & Big Stone Lake December 2018

I will start with the Sturgeon.  They were released in Big Stone Lake 4 years ago.  Check out the video below from the release & then below the video you’ll find a photo shared from a catch (and release) this winter.  They are growing very nicely! As for the Walleyes, we’ve had fresh catch for dinners at our house… my husband was ice fishing before church yesterday, pheasant hunting in the afternoon and back out on the ice for the early evening bite – It’s a wonderful life he has!  Unfortunately, I cannot give more details.  Hopefully, in January (when my husband gets the camper/Ice Castle out on the Lake) I’ll get video of a few nice Walleye coming up – although I will likely not be able to provide GPS coordinates to our location!  The secrecy by the locals – well, that is why I provide a Link to Artie’s Bait and Tackle below – they are your best bet for local tips!   Artie’s Bait & Tackle is the perfect stop before heading …

Big Stone Health Care Foundation Event

I was unable to make this event; however, I sent my camera and asked Vanessa Lhotka-Meyer (Big Stone Health Care Foundation’s Director) for some highlights from the event and she provided all of the information below.  So… that certainly helped complete this blog post! I would like to introduce our speaker today, Dr. Stacy Longnecker. Stacey and her husband Isaiah chose to return to Ortonville because of a love for the community, rural setting and trust she found in the partners as she began her practice back in 2008. In that time, Stacey has built her practice specifically her OB practice; this has been invaluable to the area and success of Ortonville Area Health Services. Stacey is a leader and is admired by her coworkers and staff for compassion and dedication. Her patients and staff know that Stacey shares in their own personal journeys and becomes invested in each life she touches. Her staff describes her as an inspiration who possess amazing strength, knowledge, and faith. Please help me welcome Dr. Stacy Longnecker. This is …

Trojan Takeout – Thank you for your Work!

Congratulations & thank you to the local volunteers who organized in the beginning and who also continue to manage the Trojan Takeout Progam (and to those who volunteer their time to pack the food!) The Trojan Takeout Program  received mention in Southwest Initiative Foundation’s President and CEO, Diana Anderson, summary of the recent Grow Our Own summit:  “Folks in Ortonville went back to their community after the 2016 Summit and launched a weekend backpack food program to ensure kids weren’t going hungry at home.”  LINK to Diana Anderson summary of the event For more information on the Grow Our Own initiative, check out the Foundations website post LINK:  Grow Our Own Summit Details Those in attendance from Ortonville at this year’s summit were:  Becky Parker, Nancie Haukos and Kari Dorry. Thank you to the three that got it started – persistent & dedicated!

Boys Basketball Trojans vs LQPV

I video my nephew’s basketball games when I can – since I was able to be at the LQPV game which was out of town, I decided to video all the games for highlights (C, B & Varsity) since there may have been some that were unable to make the drive. All the games were fun to watch!  As you’ll see in the varsity game, Tyson Powell was busy making baskets!  Quoting Paul Raymo (the famous Paul Raymo!) “Tyson lead his Trojans team in scoring with 26 points with some crucial free throws down the stretch in a 80 to 74 win over LQPV Tuesday” — and kudos to the cheerleaders who did an awesome job also! Link to the Roster (PDF) – just in case you’re curious who the players were! Link:  LQPV-Ortonville Roster Make sure to hit full screen to watch! Varsity Highlights — Nice Win! C Squad Highlights B Squad Highlights  

Welcome Home for Christmas!

We hope you enjoy your Christmas with family and friends while you’re back in the area!  You can keep in touch with the latest from the City at our new website: If you are making plans for extended family and need extra space, make sure to check out the Chamber’s lodging page A reminder on Ortonville’s Dining & Beverage choices (links to their Facebook pages for the latest posts) Alley Cat (Bowling & Awesome food!!) Lakewood Supper Club Lingonberry’s Pastry and Coffee Shop 2nd Street (Coffee Shop and Bistro) – just opened downtown Ortonville Headwaters Grill & Bar Berkner Pizza Moose Lodge VFW Subway … and just across the Border Big Rock Grill & Casino If you get a few extra minutes to fish while you’re back, stop in at Artie’s Bait & Tackle to find out where the fishing are biting. AND, if you should decide that you’d rather not leave once you get here… a couple of links here to help you out – LINK:  find homes to purchase or rent & LINK:  Find …