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June Social Media Lunch

The first Wednesday of the month is here again!
Mark your calendars… every first Monday of the Month
EXCEPT for July – our summer break month.¬† ūüôā

Wednesday, June 5, 2019Time:  Noon
Location:   442nd Street NW, Ortonville
(Lower Level of the Community Center)

Connect & Promote – tying in with Local Events Posts
Discussion on last month’s Google My Business topic (see link & info below)

Reminder:¬† These are informal lunch meetings where¬†everyone brings their own lunch and drink¬†‚Äď and joins in conversation after the initial agenda.¬†¬†Of course, there will be discussions throughout the hour!

Thank you to Patrick Buttke & Chance Haugen of “Famous in a Small Town” for providing an overview, some tips, and stressing the importance – of “Google My Business”.¬† I’ve provided a video of the meeting below… this is not a formal presentation video – just the raw discussion of our informal Social Media Lunch meetings!¬† I knew a couple of regulars were unable to make this meeting so I videotaped the meeting on this very important topic!¬† We will discuss a few of the highlights at this month’s meeting and see who has updated their Google listing – and who might be looking for a little help yet to get updated.

During the May presentation, Patrick mentioned one of their clients РDNA Guide Service (with permission of course!)  I also would like to take a moment to also use them as an example.

Website Link for DNA Guide Service
Facebook Page Link DNA Guide Service

When you can type in “minnesota duck hunting” into the Google search – and DNA Guide Service comes up on the first page in the search – and comes up #1 in Google’s business map visual – that is good for DNA Guide Service AND good for Ortonville/Big Stone Lake/MNbump!¬† As you can see, we’re on the map… and they have quite a marketing reach on Google for duck hunters to find this business.¬† DNR Guide service further follows up their marketing reach with a beautiful website – great photos & videos to keep website visitor’s attention – AND, shows off our beautiful landscape to entice a visit.

Your Google Business Listing is a very important tool for your business and for the marketing of our area as a great place to visit & live.

Video from May’s Social Media Lunch:

Memorial Day Program in Ortonville 2019

Another amazing Memorial Day Program sponsored by the Big Stone Lake VFW Post 3964 and the VFW Auxiliary Post 3964 which was held at the Ortonville School Gymnasium.

This was the first year in a very long time that I’ve been out of town for the Program – thank you to my sister, Heidi Weeding Karels, for videotaping the Program for me!¬† It was her first time – so through a couple of technical adjustments and seating positioning, the video does not include the complete program.¬† After editing and uploading the video, I sat and watched the complete video.¬† I had tears streaming down my face during the Memorial Day Address by Pastor Ailsa Harl (who has accepted a Chaplain appointment and I’m sure will be missed greatly by Ortonville’s Zion Lutheran Church!!)¬† I hope you take a few minutes to watch the complete video.¬† It truly provided an emotional and vivid picture of the cost that has been paid and will continue to be paid for our freedoms, here in the United States of America.

The Agenda for the Program is found below the video.


Thank you again, Heidi!  I am so thankful that I was able to watch this program.


It really is fun to see so much happening here in Ortonville – I was going to (and will later today) write a post to update the latest… just hoping for a “go ahead” on a downtown project that I’ve been held to secrecy on for so long that it is starting to almost burst anyway…¬† AND, I was already thinking how awesome our business folks are here in Ortonville and throughout Big Stone County – when Kandi at the Ortonville Flower Shop stopped by with a beautiful bouquet of my FAVORITE flowers¬† (Gerbs! – another great thing about living in this community… the Flower Shop knowing what it is that you enjoy – like when I’m in a family group sending flowers for a funeral or such, I’ll always notice that there is a Gerber Daisy within the bouquet when she knows I was part of the order… that is the warmth I so enjoy living here!)

So… here are the flowers I received this morning from our new developers in town¬† – sitting right next to a beautiful plant that I received for my new office from a couple of other business people in town a couple of weeks ago – and last night I was enjoying a cup of coffee in my “Chicken Whisperer” mug that I received from another couple who have two different businesses in town (she finds it hilarious that I love chickens and offer to take care of the chickens for a couple when they head out of town for a couple of days.)¬† Yes, in a smaller community we just know things about each other – and I love that!

I certainly did not expect (or deserve) these wonderful gifts – as I sit here at a beautiful desk that was donated by Frandsen Bank & Trust in Clintondonated just because they knew we needed one for the new office location and thought the Ortonville EDA was a “worthy cause”¬† – I write this this morning to help paint the picture of living rural.¬† A place of warmth and connection.¬† (Of course, we do have our moments when we are passionate about a cause(s)… but in the end, we are friends and family)¬† #LoveWhereYouLive #MNbumpOrtonville

May 2019 Social Media Networking Lunch

The first Monday of the month is here again!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Time:  Noon
Location:   442nd Street NW, Ortonville
(Lower Level of the Community Center)

This is a meeting you’ll want to attend for the full benefit on the topic!¬† Patrick Buttke will be providing the training for this meeting.

Google Listing (It is important to have one!)
How to get your Google Business listing to rank higher on the search results

Reminder:¬† These are informal lunch meetings where¬†everyone brings their own lunch and drink¬†‚Äď and joins in conversation after the initial agenda.¬†¬†Of course, there will be discussions throughout the hour!

If you plan to attend the meeting, please fill out the form below ‚Äď so that I gauge if we have enough seating.¬† However, if you do not RSVP and at the last minute decide to come ‚Äď please do!

The Smallest Art Gallery Expands, Ice Out & Docks In, Golfers Hit the Course!

A few updates this week!

Kathleen Marihart stopped in the office for a few minutes (I love my new location downtown where people can easily stop in!)¬†and I asked her how the opening was coming between the two buildings – I am behind the times!¬† The door is in!¬† So, I stopped down this afternoon to take a couple of pictures.¬† Kathleen owns The Smallest Art Gallery in downtown Ortonville and recently purchased the building next door so that she could expand her space.¬† She plans to use the new portion for her personal gallery and classes and the original portion of her business for Artist Receptions, Exhibits, and Classes.¬† You can see from the photos that she is preparing for a class and also, her sister and local artist, Edie Barrett, is preparing for a project day with a group of regional friends – they get together about every seven weeks or so and this gathering is in Ortonville.¬† To Ortonville’s benefit, these two sisters have settled, invested and provided new opportunities for residents and visitors to the area!


Kathleen’s classes have been enjoyed by so many – young and older!¬† Her receptions and exhibits provide an opportunity for artists to show their work and connect with those that stop in to see the work and meet the artist.¬† One in particular that I attended last summer was Corina Kell’s conceptual photography show.¬† Her photography is very interesting and the work that she does through her photography is amazing –¬† check out the link to my blog post on MNbump¬†

Edie has invited “us all” to follow along and be part of her work and education as she attends The Humphrey School of Public Affairs (part of the University of Minnesota) in pursuit of a Master Degree in Public Affairs.¬† Check out this link for details – there will be more exciting updates posted soon on this topic – the link also includes a little background on Edie’s work beyond this project.

Edie has also invested in a beautiful short-term rental property which is located on the northern end of our downtown businesses district – with a view of Big Stone Lake and a short walk to our coffee shops, eateries and shopping.¬† The home is complete with regional artwork throughout – and a very fun “changing of the art” party is held each year (I’ve included a video below at the end of this post from one of the art change events – the video will give a great feel for the house and a peek in at local friendships and art.¬† You can find information on the VRBO site for The GuestHouse to check availability on the beautiful lodging option here, in Ortonville.

We are fortunate to have these two creative and community-involved sisters in Ortonville!

Now, I started this blog post out as a quick update on a few things… and I easily float off focus when I start writing about the amazing people that fill our downtown (and beyond) businesses.¬† Thankfully a friend stopped by just to say hi and to drop off a white chocolate mocha from 2nd Street Cafe & Coffeehouse¬†(which was perfect in case you were wondering!)

The official “ice out” on Big Stone Lake was Sunday – that was just two days ago and already our City Crew was down putting the docks in.¬† Their speed and attention are awesome – but considering that the lake level is up and the docks will need to be lowered again soon… this was especially nice that they took the time to do this twice.¬† The locals (my husband included) enjoys casting a few times off the docks to see if they’re biting (Walleyes – in the evening¬† just before/as sundown, he loves it when I share fishing spots in online posts! ha)

4/23/2019, putting in the docks

Our electrical department was also out today checking connections and prepping for the summer season throughout our parks and of course our small city campground that sits at the foot of Big Stone Lake along with the start of the Minnesota River.¬† If primitive camping is not what you are looking for, we have some pretty awesome options along Big Stone Lake¬† (Lakeshore RV Park, Rustling Elms Resort, DNA Guide Service (hunting, lodging & RV sites), and on the South Dakota side there is Schmidt’s Landing¬†

City Campground, primitive

And… after quite the snow struggles this spring, it was great to see the school golf teams out on the course this afternoon enjoying some real play outdoors!

The ‘Changing of the Art’ event at The GuestHouse – enjoy!

Ag Career Day in Big Stone County

Save the date:  May 14, 2019
Location:  Sioux Historic Pavilion

There will be speakers, activities, exhibitors and more.
Grades 7th to 10th are encouraged to come!

We have an amazing 4-H program, here in Big Stone County (MNbump)¬† – the opportunities for engagement, learning, connecting… are just about endless!¬† Of course, in the economic development office, here in Ortonville – we were very excited to hear that they would be hosting an Ag Career Day.¬† We likely describe ourselves as a rural ag community (with awesome added amenities to boot… like our amazing health care, school system, beautiful golf course – and of course Big Stone Lake) when we talk to others… but do our kids know how extensive the opportunities are in our area to find an ag-related career?¬† Ag-related comes in so many forms – and Suzanne, 4-H Director, will be sharing tidbits of information throughout the weeks to come leading up to the event.

A special shout out to American Farm Bureau for financially supporting this opportunity!  (truly would not have been possible without them!)

Watch this post for updates as we move closer to event day and of course, always keep up with the latest from about the County on the MNbump Facebook Page


Doctor woman with stethoscope

2nd Annual Art Crawl

Save the date!  Saturday, June 8th
Time:  9 a.m to 5:00 p.m.

The 2nd Annual Big Stone Lake Regional Art Crawl

The Big Stone County artists draw quite a crowd in their participation with the Meander:¬† The Upper Minnesota River Art Crawl (save that date too… October 4, 5, 6th) and last year started their first art crawl.

Check out the video taken during last year’s Big Stone¬† Lake Regional Art Crawl (I can personally add that it was awesome!!)

We have an active artist community!¬† Check out another video below…

The GuestHouse, a local short-term rental home that sits on the northern edge of the downtown business district (easy walking distance to the coffee houses and shops Рand overlooking Big Stone Lake) is owned by one of our local artists that moved into the area several years ago from California.  The GuestHouse has an art change event every year Рthose who stay at this home enjoy local art throughout the rooms.  This video was taken during one of the art change events.

New Residential Lots Available in Ortonville

Today may not look like the perfect Spring day… and tomorrow won’t either!¬† However, the snow will clear out soon – and building season will arrive!

As the snow starts today — you can see in the background Big Stone Lake is opening up!

When Ortonville Area Health Services and the City expanded Fairway view, Roy Street was extended to accommodate another access to the facility.¬† This made for a great opportunity to parcel out a few new residential lots along the way.¬† As you can see, the lots are in an excellent location – near the ballfields, golf course, and municipal swimming pool!¬† — And, excellent pricing at this time!¬† Call Shady Oak Realty (who has already taken purchase agreements for two projects in this area!) 320-839-2118 or check out their website at

For more information about the area:

City Website:
Looking for a Job in the Area? -CLICK HERE!
We are an MNbump Community – check out the latest from MNbump’s Facebook Page!

Recent News in Ortonville – business expansions + more
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Check a few videos from last year’s events –
This is what Ortonville Looks Like!

National Night Out in Ortonville…