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Fishing & Big Stone Lake December 2018

I will start with the Sturgeon.  They were released in Big Stone Lake 4 years ago.  Check out the video below from the release & then below the video you’ll find a photo shared from a catch (and release) this winter.  They are growing very nicely!

As for the Walleyes, we’ve had fresh catch for dinners at our house… my husband was ice fishing before church yesterday, pheasant hunting in the afternoon and back out on the ice for the early evening bite – It’s a wonderful life he has!  Unfortunately, I cannot give more details.  Hopefully, in January (when my husband gets the camper/Ice Castle out on the Lake) I’ll get video of a few nice Walleye coming up – although I will likely not be able to provide GPS coordinates to our location!  The secrecy by the locals – well, that is why I provide a Link to Artie’s Bait and Tackle below – they are your best bet for local tips!


Artie’s Bait & Tackle is the perfect stop before heading out on the lake – pick up your supplies, a lake map, and some up-to-date fishing tips!

Check out the Chamber Website for Lodging options!  Besides the local hotels, we have some great short-term rentals on Big Stone Lake with excellent access to ice fishing and those that are in town with great access to dining & beverages… you’re really never far from the Lake, here in Ortonville.

And… we’ve compiled a few great links for those in town for Christmas (or fishing!)
LINK:  Home for Christmas Connection

Hope you enjoy your time in Ortonville!

Big Stone Health Care Foundation Event

I was unable to make this event; however, I sent my camera and asked Vanessa Lhotka-Meyer (Big Stone Health Care Foundation’s Director) for some highlights from the event and she provided all of the information below.  So… that certainly helped complete this blog post!

I would like to introduce our speaker today, Dr. Stacy Longnecker. Stacey and her husband Isaiah chose to return to Ortonville because of a love for the community, rural setting and trust she found in the partners as she began her practice back in 2008. In that time, Stacey has built her practice specifically her OB practice; this has been invaluable to the area and success of Ortonville Area Health Services. Stacey is a leader and is admired by her coworkers and staff for compassion and dedication. Her patients and staff know that Stacey shares in their own personal journeys and becomes invested in each life she touches. Her staff describes her as an inspiration who possess amazing strength, knowledge, and faith.
Please help me welcome Dr. Stacy Longnecker.

This is the 2nd year of partnering with Linda and her staff on the Annual Style Show. Each year I have learned from Linda and her unique brand of class and style–I have modeled much of my interaction with other partners throughout the year based on this collaboration. She and her staff make her business a success because of their genuine, personal and detailed orientated customer service, but more than anything there is a kind and generous spirit that emanates in all they do both as a business and as people. I have seen firsthand this spirit and belief in giving back and supporting the community as many of you have as well I’m sure. We Thank Linda for lending her unique brand to the Foundation today. Please join me in welcoming Linda Burri as she presents “Fashion Wonderland”.

Videos below:  1) Casual/Dressy  2) Formal
(The videos do not include all that was presented)

Linda’s: Doug, Bridget, models. Thank you for your time, efforts and for being so amazing to work with! These model have all taken time from their lives to go to fittings and be here today and we appreciate you ladies.

Theresa & BS Legion: thank you for amazing food, beautiful location and your dedication.

Judy Fuller for entertainment—this has been lovely and perfect!

Donors: Lewis Drug, Carlson Drug, Cutting Edge Engraving, Nancy Nolop and her beautiful window paintings, Amber Molden

Volunteers: Gene Hausauer, Mike Rausch, Roman Taffe, Russ Minehan, Damian Coyour, Craig Randelmann, Jim Foster, Garry Swenson, Chris Batchelor, Dave Rogers
These guys are donating their own time (all on their own free will!). They did a great job and behaved! Thank you men

Decorating: Ethel Swenson, Marilyn Hanson, Nancy Nolop: There are no words to describe the time, commitment and talent these women have! Stunning and everything they promised me!

All of you—thank you! Whether you donate, volunteer or stuff envelopes: You are the people who make this Foundation Thrive and OAHS a success. You are the backbone and the heart of our community. Thank you for being here.

Nicole Wood/Deb Barnhardt – This is my support staff, who have offer solutions, input, ideas and answers at every step. I thank you, ladies, for always being positive and helping the Foundation move in forward motion!

Trojan Takeout – Thank you for your Work!

Congratulations & thank you to the local volunteers who organized in the beginning and who also continue to manage the Trojan Takeout Progam (and to those who volunteer their time to pack the food!)

The Trojan Takeout Program  received mention in Southwest Initiative Foundation’s President and CEO, Diana Anderson, summary of the recent Grow Our Own summit:  “Folks in Ortonville went back to their community after the 2016 Summit and launched a weekend backpack food program to ensure kids weren’t going hungry at home.” 

LINK to Diana Anderson summary of the event

For more information on the Grow Our Own initiative, check out the Foundations website post LINK:  Grow Our Own Summit Details

Those in attendance from Ortonville at this year’s summit were:  Becky Parker, Nancie Haukos and Kari Dorry.

Thank you to the three that got it started – persistent & dedicated!

Boys Basketball Trojans vs LQPV

I video my nephew’s basketball games when I can – since I was able to be at the LQPV game which was out of town, I decided to video all the games for highlights (C, B & Varsity) since there may have been some that were unable to make the drive.

All the games were fun to watch!  As you’ll see in the varsity game, Tyson Powell was busy making baskets!  Quoting Paul Raymo (the famous Paul Raymo!) “Tyson lead his Trojans team in scoring with 26 points with some crucial free throws down the stretch in a 80 to 74 win over LQPV Tuesday” — and kudos to the cheerleaders who did an awesome job also!

Link to the Roster (PDF) – just in case you’re curious who the players were!
Link:  LQPV-Ortonville Roster

Make sure to hit full screen to watch!

Varsity Highlights — Nice Win!

C Squad Highlights

B Squad Highlights


Welcome Home for Christmas!

We hope you enjoy your Christmas with family and friends while you’re back in the area!  You can keep in touch with the latest from the City at our new website:

If you are making plans for extended family and need extra space, make sure to check out the Chamber’s lodging page

A reminder on Ortonville’s Dining & Beverage choices (links to their Facebook pages for the latest posts)

If you get a few extra minutes to fish while you’re back, stop in at Artie’s Bait & Tackle to find out where the fishing are biting.

AND, if you should decide that you’d rather not leave once you get here… a couple of links here to help you out – LINK:  find homes to purchase or rent & LINK:  Find a job

Warm wishes to you and your family, Merry Christmas!

Ortonville community today… check out this video  (and other videos on our home page!)

Santa Day in Ortonville

It was so much fun to see everyone enjoying downtown Ortonville on Saturday!  The Community Center had a steady stream from 1 to 4 to see Santa, have some treats, activities & games – then off to Lingonberry’s for cookie decorating (Hartman’s Super Valu is on First Street; however, they joined the fun up on Second Street by donating the cookie decorating supplies!)  Dalen Roe was kept very busy with hayrides and OMG owners Greg & Sue Lockwood prepped their lot next to their building with a bonfire so that it was ready for Christmas Caroling around the fire after the lighted parade.

And, as announced earlier on this blog, 2nd Street (Coffee House & Bistro) opened on Saturday during all of the festivities.  When I asked them what their best seller of the day was, they said it was the potato soup in a bread bowl… later on Facebook, I did see postings that said how good that soup was!  I purchased a sampling (that sounds smaller than it was! ha) of baked treats for Dan and me to enjoy at home which you can see pictures below on my kitchen table.  I can personally confirm those pictured on my table were delicious!  (well, except the chocolate chip cookie & the oatmeal cookie – Dan didn’t share but said they were very good!)  Since my last post that noted you could purchase Keto, etc. food – in answer to the question that I was asked most:  YES they have other food too – as you can see a couple options below!  Oh, and my White Chocolate Mocha was perfect!

The two videos below are a few highlights that I caught from Santa Day activities and then the Lighted Parade.  A HUGE shout out to all of the DRC volunteers and to those that were in the parade – yesterday was truly a wonderful day!  #LoveWhereYouLive (I know I do!)

Pro Image Partners, Inc.

From the “Meet our Businesses Series – Ortonville

Owners:  Dan & Brenda Kafka
Address:  229 2nd Street NW
Phone:  320-839-2542
Check out their

History:  Since 2006, Pro Image Partners has continued to build an image of excellence for both ourselves and customers alike. Offering apparel, vehicle graphics, signs & banners, and more to all 50 states and over a dozen countries around the world has helped us grow into a company that can manage any order, big or small. From custom designs that we create in store, to apparel with no design, we are your complete professional image partner!

Dan and Brenda Kafka, the owners of Pro Image Partners, have carried their own small town rural Minnesota values into the Pro Image culture. Their most important value is treating employees, suppliers, and most importantly customers like family. Long term success has been possible through their education as they are both college graduates and also experienced in Corporate America. Brenda was previously a CPA by trade and Dan a National VP of Marketing. A truly caring approach to addressing customer needs through giving back to the communities and paying it forward has always been a way of life for Dan and Brenda, and Pro Image Partners as a whole.

As the owners always say, “We are in the people business. We just happen to sell clothing, vehicle graphics, and signs.” That short saying strongly reinforces the “Pro Image Experience” and the company philosophy. Pro Image has always been self sufficient with nearly every order made in house, whether that may be an order for 5000 shirts or filling our minimum order of 1. We strive to be a one stop image shop by covering a large range of products. Also, by making sure each customer is well cared for whether they need their order by the end of next month or the end of the day. We continue to be invested in technology and conveniently accessible via the web, mobile web, and phone. And as a proactive company we also invest in our employees through valuable training and encouraging independent and creative thinking. By promoting this philosophy we effectively promote ourselves as the ideal Pro Image Partner for many customers and vendors.

Our staff takes pride in handling each order with care and precision. From the time we take your order, all the way through the production process and into your hands, you can be sure that everything you order has been carefully created to meet the highest standard of quality that our customers have come to expect from their Pro Image Partners. Here are the positions that make it all possible.

What they carry:  Decorated Apparel for the Sports Team or Fan as well as for the business owners wanting to project a positive team of employees to their customer base.  Vehicle Graphics including but not limited to full vehicle wraps.  Signs and banners of all shapes and sizes.  Promotional Items of all types including coffee mugs, pens, pencils, Can koozies, and much much more.

What do you enjoy about Ortonville?  Easy access to a laid back Christian lifestyle. Including local sports, quality golf course and lake access to enjoy year around.

In lieu of a photo section on this post, I went with a video.  If you don’t know Jeremy at Pro Image, here is an opportunity to meet him.  I went to Pro Image to take a few photos for this post and this is really what happened!  See video!

New Business Opening December 1st

2nd Street (Coffeehouse & Bistro) will have their soft open on December 1st – Just in time for all of the downtown festivities!  Santa Day, the official Snowflake Lighting and the Lighted Parade will all be on December 1st.

In talking with Sara Keller, one of the owners, they plan to have a limited menu through Memorial Day weekend and at that time have their Grand Opening with a full menu in place in time for the summer season.

Sarah and Brenda (both owners) will be coffee prepping this weekend and continuing to prepare for December 1st.  Although they do not plan to have their full menu available until Memorial Day, Sarah did note that they will be serving a full breakfast… and make sure to stop in during the Santa Day activities to try her Keto friendly Carrot Cake!  I know there will be quite a few locals excited to have Keto, Paleo, and vegetarian choices included on their menu!   Sarah loves to bake (I enjoyed just listening to her talk about what’s coming!) – and all of their baked treats will be made from scratch.

Watch for them to be open December 1st with limited hours posted on their door and their grand opening with a full menu starting Memorial Day weekend.

It is fun to welcome another new family to Ortonville!

Looking back, Christmas in Ortonville & Big Stone County

County Santa & Event Schedule

November 19th – ClintonWomen’s Civic Club – Taster’s Tea

December 1 – Beardsley, Santa will be in town from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m.

December 1 – Ortonville various activities 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (with sunset lighted Christmas Parade)

December 1 – Graceville Santa Day at Grace Village at 1:00

December 2 – 7:00 p.m. Community Hymn Sing at Abiding Faith Lutheran Church

December 8th – Clinton 930-11am bingo for prizes and pictures with Santa

We will update with additional events as they are posted.

What does it look like here in Ortonville and other Big Stone County communities for the Christmas Season?  Check out some videos from our recent past.  #Life #LoveWhereYouLive

Guess what year on this first video (one of my favorites!)

A video from one of Clinton’s annual Taster’s Tea Event!

A flashback a few years to the annual event – Downtown Ortonville Snowflake Lighting!

A video of one of the annual Community Hymn Sing!

I happen to have the Abiding Faith Lutheran Church Christmas Program video – so I thought I’d share that also!  Living Rural means you know someone in pretty much all of the local Christmas Programs – as is the case here.

…and Trinity Lutheran Church in Ortonville

Winter fun in Clinton!  Seriously, golfing on ice!  The MNbump Blogger from Clinton shared some fun clips!

#LivingRuralandLovingit #LoveWhereYouLive

A few photos from Ortonville

This is how we feel about snow & downtown Ortonville!

Enjoy the Season!