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Boys Basketball Trojans vs LQPV

I video my nephew’s basketball games when I can – since I was able to be at the LQPV game which was out of town, I decided to video all the games for highlights (C, B & Varsity) since there may have been some that were unable to make the drive. All the games were fun to watch!  As you’ll see in the varsity game, Tyson Powell was busy making baskets!  Quoting Paul Raymo (the famous Paul Raymo!) “Tyson lead his Trojans team in scoring with 26 points with some crucial free throws down the stretch in a 80 to 74 win over LQPV Tuesday” — and kudos to the cheerleaders who did an awesome job also! Link to the Roster (PDF) – just in case you’re curious who the players were! Link:  LQPV-Ortonville Roster Make sure to hit full screen to watch! Varsity Highlights — Nice Win! C Squad Highlights B Squad Highlights