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May 2019 Social Media Networking Lunch

The first Monday of the month is here again! Wednesday, May 1, 2019 Time:  Noon Location:   442nd Street NW, Ortonville (Lower Level of the Community Center) This is a meeting you’ll want to attend for the full benefit on the topic!  Patrick Buttke will be providing the training for this meeting. Topics: Google Listing (It is important to have one!) How to get your Google Business listing to rank higher on the search results Reminder:  These are informal lunch meetings where everyone brings their own lunch and drink – and joins in conversation after the initial agenda.  Of course, there will be discussions throughout the hour! If you plan to attend the meeting, please fill out the form below – so that I gauge if we have enough seating.  However, if you do not RSVP and at the last minute decide to come – please do!

Facebook – Promoting Your Business or Organization

Our Social Media Lunch tomorrow will be promoting your business with Facebook. Time:  Noon Location:  44 2nd Street NW, Ortonville (Lower Level of the Community Center – or just North of Shady Oak Realty) Tips on topics to post on Facebook Tips on Engaging your Followers & Getting more Followers Where to find the Analytics so that you can evaluate your activity What do the numbers mean: Page Views Post Reach Post Engagements Page Followers Those in Attendance – How do you currently use Facebook? Tips on Facebook activity that you’ve found engaged your followers? If you do not have a Facebook Page and are considering one, this is still a great lunch to attend.  You’ll be able to hear how it used which will help you in formulating your Facebook Marketing plan.  Either I (Vicki) or Janine Teske would be happy to set up an appointment to work with you on an individual basis to help set up your Page. Reminder:  These are informal lunch meetings where everyone brings their own lunch and drink …

Social Media Lunch – February!

After reviewing the survey responses, the best day of the week is Wednesday.  So, the monthly meetings will be scheduled for the first Wednesday of the month from noon to 1:00 p.m.  As noted before, these will be informal lunch discussions focused on a topic of interest to the group at large.  Although the intent was to focus on online tools, there were other topics that were noted on the initial survey so we’ll leave the scope of discussion topics a bit more open-ended! Big Stone Area Growth has committed additional funding for the MNbump Initiative in 2019 expanding the scope of their workforce recruitment and community development work – so we’ll kick-off the monthly meetings with the topics below. MNbump Update (admin changes & expansion) How MNbump & EDA Can Assist Business Promotions How residents/businesses can help promote the area Recruiting Employees – how we can help you Brief Discussion items: Child Care & Housing Share topics of interest for future meetings Reminder:  It is a “bring your own lunch & drink” meeting! If …