Edie Barrett on Leadership – Join Us and Follow Along!

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Notes by Vicki Oakes, Community Development Coordinator

We have the opportunity to follow along – and join in – as Edie Barrett attends The Humphrey School of Public Affairs (part of the University of Minnesota) in pursuit of a Master Degree in Public Affairs.

Who is Edie Barrett?  She is a lifelong artist and writer who moved to Ortonville in 2010.  Check out her website www.ediebarrett.com for all of her details!

What is the  Master of Public Affairs degree program all about?  It is a program geared toward mid-career professionals who want to advance their skills in public and nonprofit leadership, management, and policy analysis at the local, state, national, or global level.  Designed to stimulate personal and professional growth through concentrated work with dedicated peers, the MPA allows students to design a program that works best for them and their goals.  (Visit this link for more information on the Humphrey School MPA Program)

Classes started in August of 2018 for Edie.  She has designed a class project in leadership involving our local and regional community.  It is not often a student invites you into their learning process and provides an educational opportunity to those around them.  (I know that I am looking forward to this!)

In an effort to be mindful of both rural issues and the arts, prior to attending school, Edie connected with a number of people in our region and in the state.

Pictured below is a pre-class discussion group that Edie invited to her home.  From the left:  Amy S. Mondloch, Community Program Administrator of the Center for Small Towns, Morris; Edie Barret and Liz (the Yorkie) of Ortonville; Becky Parker, Ortonville EDA President; Lisa Graphenteen, Housing Development & ArtPlace Grant, Slayton; Dillon Dwyer, local Journalist, Ortonville; Abbey Guggisberg, University of Minnesota Morris, Student Intern; Jeanie Kanten, Big Stone Arts Council President, Ortonville; and I took the photo!

The two projects that we (the public) are invited to engage with are:

1 – Edie is hosting a book club featuring Brené Brown’s new book, Dare to Lead.  You are welcome to join the fun!  There is one free book available if you are interested in joining.  The next date is November 11th at 2:00 at Lingonberry’s in downtown Ortonville.  The book club consists of group discussions and sharing as we read through the book over the next seven months.  In addition, the book club will explore issues of leadership and circle around what it means to live in a quality rural community.  For more information and an audio of Edie’s KDIO interview check out this link.

2 – Edie and Lauren K. Carlson of Dawson will be co-hosting a monthly radio show called, “Artistic Leadership from the Prairie” (as noted in the photo below).  We hope you will listen in as they explore artistic endeavors, leadership, and prairie life.

Although we will not be sharing details from the book club discussion, we will be sharing the Radio Show audio files on this website after they’ve been aired and likely some notes throughout the process – so bookmark this page and watch for updates!

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